“Aa Raha hu Papa” : An Open Letter to My Superhero

Excerpt: If mumma was the drawing in the empty colour book, my life was, you were the crayons.

Let him love you a bit more before you are not little anymore. Happy Father’s Day! Tell your father how special he is!

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बचपन : A Lost Trail

Most of our childhood is stored not in photos but in certain biscuits, lights of day, smells, texture of carpets, the fistfights and the broken swings and in the muddled grounds that hide the footprints, that once stamped on it. Society is always trying to kick you out of childhood. Once you are gone, there is no going back, so you have to hold on as long as you can. And looking back is how you start.

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An Ode to My Previous Self | Varanasi

Life’s become a random string of beads. A chaotic sequence that is sparkling sometimes, and dull and ostentatious most of the time. Standing at the Assi Ghats, I take a moment to recall what drove me here. I stand at the tip of the ghats, looking at a reflection, one I cannot call my own. What am I running from?

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Introducendis : Ms Chanandler Bong

This will be the inaugural part of the ‘Letter to’ Series in my blog which will be unique in its own way. These letters will be emotionally compelling and will truly amount to how much these people have impacted my life. Starting, from The King of Thanksgiving. Dear Chandler Muriel Bing Obviously, this letter cannot…

The Winds have Changed : Plausible GoT theories on plate

*Plug in Rains of Castemere*
Includes heavy spoilers, so reader discretion advised. Presenting to you, “The Winds have Changed : Plausible GoT theories on plate”.
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Music for the hopeless mind : Part I

A Mid-Exam pour-out of moroseness as the right music strives to win you back. Do give it a read as you’ll find shuffling your playlist in between, in memory of the songs that mean the most to you.

‘I Accept My Mediocrity’, A deep insight into the ‘Serious Men’;

“Most of you will probably never really discover anything. You may not contribute anything to the great equations that describe the universe to the world. By the laws of probability most of you are mediocre. Accept it. The tragedy of mediocrity is that even mediocre people shake their heads and mull over how “standards are falling”. So don’t mull. Most of you will be sideshows, extras in the grand unfolding of truth and that’s all right.” – Manu Joseph

NOTA given preference over the Iron Lady of Manipur, A Retrospect;  

As is what happens with all heart-wrenching issues, they become a part of the dust-ridden pile of newspapers hidden in national archives of newspapers. It’s not even been a month and such issues have already been forgotten. Nothing has been done with the regard by justifying that nothing concrete is possible in such cases. But there is always hope. Hope for justice to relentless sacrifices made. Presenting to you, my views on the Iron Lady of Manipur.