Kips and Reed. Reed and Kips. Part 2


8 Years Later

November 1, 2015

Kipsie diaries;

Dear Reed
Hope you are all right? I miss you. I miss you so much. A lot of things are going currently in this empty-hollowed life of mine. It’s my 16’Th birthday today. I know, like all my previous 8 birthdays, I’d have to spend it along with a bunch of people who, I guess are my close friends. Close? No, Sorry, I know I can’t lie to you. They aren’t like you were.
You know, I was walking past by the traffic lights,
And while I was crossing, I saw someone like you. Was it you?
I never saw you coming (sighs)!

You know, there is this empty hollowness that echoes in a caged structure, which now heaves without its main vein. You took what’s most important to me. You took my heart, reed.
I’ll write you tomorrow. Bye reed. Hope you read this.
Yours Always,

This was the 2921’St letter Kips was writing to Reed,
8 years had passed; the thoughts still bore that perturbed Deed.

It is said that in the loud sounds of the city,
Small voices of your heart are often drowned in thoughts gushing through infinity.
Mine also did.
Say something, I tell myself.
Say something, my mind tells me, ‘I am giving up on you.’
Life’s still stuck in a never-ending maze,
Somehow, I can’t keep a tab on these days.

It’s hard for me to put things on paper,
But I write things, things I never wanted to be true. About my life.
Terrible tiny tales, yet there are many times when I fail.
Sometimes it’s better, to never ask why!
But, then Reed’s voice whispers,
‘Kipsie, get up, you Gotta try
You gonna get up and try, try and try.

‘Try to lie to the world, don’t show who you actually are.’ Is what my mind says.

Life’s not been really so easy on Kips,
It’s like a camera shutter,
It’s glossy, when you have real moments to capture,
Though the shutter’s down, in the
Times of despair.
There are times when she chases stars around her,
Waiting for someone to elevate her further.
‘It’s like I am walking down limits of infinity,
Finding a way in what I call my city,
It’s that thing I still look in the hearts of people,
And there are times when I sit under the maple.

Coming to school, oh! What a drool.
Though there’s this interesting guy,
Makes all stuff and me happy.
Reminds of reed, uff!
Um, bitching friends, are they?
Obsessively compulsive teachers,
Oompa-Loompa wonderful seniors,
And a tinge of mixed emotions,
To add it up, tons of ruffle nuts?

Yayay. So, um…
Well there’s not much to kips these days,
Except she doesn’t bathe, three days straight,
She smiles less though,
Some seeds placed in the wrong place and sown.
So, too much for Kips now,
It could go on, so please do allow.


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