Kips And Reed. Reed and Kips

In a far, far land of mystic hallows,
Where the sun meets the meadows, and the buttery birds clasp their feathers.
In the wilderness of mono-capped hills,
The land of Mystic Hallows

It is that creamy touché of enveloped delights that is lost in the mist, as two people lie gazing at the sun- dimmed skylights.
In those far far lands, there was a doe-eyed enthralling bulged delight of a girl,
Engrossed in making a snowman, which vanquished the uneasy landscape of the unfair feign.
The girl, then 8, so full of life,
It was unconditionally easy for her to end any rife.

They called her kips.
Why kips? Only one person had the reason on his lips.
His name, that when echoed cleansed every non- synergic influence, from the unconditional air to the tiniest speck of dust on a lens.
Reed, it was.

As the dimensions change, there’s a stumbled thought of unison,
As Reed was walking back home from school once,
Hit he was hard on his bum,
And the shocked kips, realized whom she’d hit,
Hospital is where they next met.
‘A minor fracture, it is.’ The doctor announced. ‘Give the boy some rest, will you’

As Reed opened his lost eyes, vying for a glimpse of kips,
He saw her there, making weird faces, displaying her artistic ignorant virtue on an living object, and her canvas, Reed’s pink coloured dose of a nose.
‘Kipsie!!!’ I hate you. Get off me.’
‘You can never hate me, you love me too much.’ She said. And all she gave was that low-key evil smile.
Ah! That melted Reed’s stone caged heart to the last mile.
‘Listen, when we grow up, will you marry me? ‘Asked the gullible rosy-cheeked Kips.
This sheer innocence breathed gullible delight as Reed responded with an all-inclusive affirmation as well as a warm hearted hug.
The night passed by, and the next morning, it was the sweet nurse who saw them both sleeping peacefully in the bed.
And a growing chemiluminescence shone as they both clinged to each other with cheeks red.

Alone they were just two kids, straddled in this world as strangers and meant to go just as simply.
But together, they were infiniteness.
An embodiment of heartfelt, purest form of synergy.
Such was the tale of these big-hearted small people,
I guess, it was not possible for any divisive force in nature, to separate them and make them feeble.

They looked like a pair of doves.
They laughed together, cried together, dreamt together, breathed together. Together, they were meant to be. Reed and Kips. Kips and Reed.

One sudden day, as they were swinging down the tree,
Suddenly, Kips fell down, as she was gushing and feeling the breeze.
She wasn’t moving.
Her face as pale as the Dim sunlight, that fell on them and there was no sound of kips’s heart’s humming.
In this momentary rush of probabilistic happening, Reed shouted for help.
Within seconds, people straddled onto the place, some whelped.
Kips’ father picked her up into his arms and rushed her to the hospital.
Reed cried that day.
He did not lose a single possibility of asking how his kips was or what she might say.
He stood there in the shivering cold, praying lest anything happened to kips.
He stood there all night. Unfazed. And there was no utterance from his lips.
He felt alone. So alone.

Next morning, the sweet nurse told Reed to come along with her into the hospital.
Reed still wondered about his lovely doll.
It was the next day, Reed came out.
He felt lighter than before.
Lighter and dearer.

His Kips would live. He knew it.
Reed rushed through all the way to the market,
Having clutched as hard as possible, hoping how kips would like it.

A flowery combination of violet, indigo, blue,
In the morning dew, would make Kips rue.
As he rushed those flowers to the hospital, he was hit again.
Oh! How He had hoped for the thing that had hit him to be kips’s bicycle,
‘Move away from the road, you orphaned Micelle.’
It was Kips’s dad. He was taking kips away. He was taking her away from her reed.

His moons and stars. His sunshine.
She was going far. Nothing was fine.
He ran behind the car. With a broken foot, albeit, he ran.
Trying to overcome his saturation, he ran for a mile.
He just wanted to see for once, Kips’s smile.

And as he ran, he stumbled and fell.
What happened next, is another story to tell.


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