Hmm? *Long Pause* Hmm.

Understanding the Psychology behind Hmm..

Eg. Tum much ‘Hmm’ do, Main tumhe ‘K’ Dunga.

Drowsing into sleep

Incoming call: Depression
*Picks up the phone*
Me: Wrong Number!

Me and Her. Her and Me.

With Syncophony mediating under the tranquil of astute impressions, And the rhythmic movement of channelised synergy functions, Do unlettered words come pouring out from altitudes of ambrosia, And the air rushes under my skin to let me rise to the ulterior of the skylines. Lights fade from the silhouettes of sanctity, Blending in hues of…

Such a day, I wrote a song for you..

(The text below bears minute resemblance with the song, ‘Song for you’ by Alexi Murdoch, an all time favourite) As the scattered sun-rays augmented my will to live, With splintered pieces of memories coalescing to paint faint imagery, The wind touched my eyes, To walk on the thresholds of minuscule grains of withered lies. And…

Okay? Okay.

Book: The Fault in Our Stars “Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars     In this book, there…


In a lust-filled evening under the heavenly imprints, In the dew-filled meadow of the drubbing leaves, All I could catch was a moist scent. With the galactic surge of motions filling me in, Do I realise how far I had come for her, and how far she had gone like a flower withered from a…

Only if I had gone out..

As the blueberry sundew trickled down the emboldening leaves, As the sky, so everlastingly unreachable gives me the unknown feels, And as In the notoriously over kept world do lights illuminate the scent of the diffused air over the oceans, Do I realise how I ungiving I had been to the thousand splendid suns. I…

Footsteps and Trails

With the strangeness engulfing each footstep of mine, And the uneven pressing of little sand dunes all over the place, The vastness of the ocean stupefies me, To bring into pre conceived connotations of umber sanctity. And as I walk down the trail the waters leave behind, I wonder about how things were back then…

Underscoring Startups*

Book: How I braved Anu Aunty and co founded a million dollar company

Author: Varun Agarwal

About the Author:

Typical Bangalore Baniya. Awkward accent and weird goatee. Is bearable on your Facebook new feeds. Usually talks sense. Go ahead, Read the judgemental review below. 🙂

P.S. The book cover is hideously green. Like pretty pretty green. Book made with no sense of regard towards colour-blind people.

Kips and Reed. Reed and Kips. Part VI

Knock knock. Hullo! Somebody Seen my kips? Knock knock.’ Reed stroke her hair like she used to do his. They were still there in the coffee shop, gaining ‘awws…’ ,Everytime kips mumbled as Reed gave the flustered look. ‘Okay, that’s my line, my way of waking you up. Don’t. But I liked the thing you…