Kips and Reed. Reed and Kips. Part V

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Reed Diaries:

With the dawning delights bringing unspeakable pleasures,

And the entire Manhattan skyline

Beckoned like a bejeweled bride.


I stood at the Empire State Building,

And as the cold rushed though inside, a pure embodiment of freshness seeped in,

And the next second, her unflustered visage flashed by.


Her, who I hadn’t seen for 12 years,

Her, who I had stopped thinking about 12 years ago,

Her, who was my moons and stars,

And her, who’d, left me, or had I left her?

12 years and a beautiful particulate feeling in the skies, and of all people I know, it’s her that I remember then.


And as I walked down the streets of Times Square, I saw my life go back in a beautiful flashback.

Starting from where I was currently to, where I was yesterday, to where I was a week ago, to where I was a sweet month back, to the extent of my past year, my past 5 years, all my beautifully unfulfilling relationships, to the past 12 years that went by.

The unscathed me, the ‘down’ me, the sweet me and the actual ‘me’,

I saw them all, once again. I relived my life from the back for those 45 seconds.

I saw everyone, family, people who matter and friends.


Perhaps in the hollowness of time, I had forgotten what it was to smile. Thoughts struck me, hard to the deep mile.

As you grow up, your inner You’s voices are lost in this busy world of unwinding delights.

As I paved my way to the place where you’d find the best coffee in the world,

The sensual aromas of cocoa and caffeine hurled.

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I looked for a table in the busy cafe, and all I could find one was one that was meant for two.

As had always, I kept gazing at the people around me, and as I sat,

Came a sweetly sharp aromatic voice,

‘ I came here first, mister, so please find yourself a new table.’

I looked up to see who this lady might be, and when I saw her, it was like a ‘ parchment paper which is overflown with ink, yet is unable to absorb’ kind of feeling that seeped through my veins.


As her lustrous curls heaved on her galactically awe inspiring body,

Her eyes began to form a pattern out of the sweet white light being dispersed out of my unaccountably wide-open spectacles. All I could say was, ‘ Sorry?’

There are these times in your life when moments of great cosmic Significance take place and it’s tough to explain how the rising entropy of your thoughts is unable to satiate your quench for more time to relive the moment.

Reed just had that moment.


‘Um, leave it! Please sit down and stop staring at me, Sire?’

‘Oh! Yeah! Um…No! Who said I was staring at you, I was thinking stuff.’

‘ He’s cute in an unassumingly charming manner. He has the same Turquoise eyes and the same sweet tone to add to it, like someone she knew had.’ The girl thought.

She took out a novel and started designing its cover page. ‘The Unwanting Strokes of your inner light’ – Kipsie Diaries.’ Reed said it out loudly. ‘Um, I don’t mean to disturb you, but Do you also know someone by the name of Kipsie, Is she an author? Are you aware, who she is or where she might be?’

‘ Um! Sorry, we are sitting on the same table, and in this hurry, I forgot to introduce myself. Kips. My name’s Kips. She put forward her hand for the fine gentleman sitting in front of her to shake.’


He held her fingers. An electric current passed through Reed, on the verge of erupting into an erupting storm. With the blende of pure synergy, he looked at her eyes, and saw the same doe- shaped pupils and the same spectra of beauty radiating from her face.

As he breathed in Kips’s words, he let his whole body enjoy the ambrosia of happiness for sometime after ages.

All he said was,’ Kips!’


Kips’s expression changed. A New realization dawned upon her. It was him.

Him, Whose whisper was overflown with thoughtful eroticism,

And whose lustrous shoulder dropped brown hair,

Him, whose unwittingly sweet tone,

And unconditionally delightful thoughts rang a sweet melancholic harmony.

‘Reed!’ She shouted and the world felt dizzy around her as she fainted.



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