For you, A thousand times over!

It’s very aft that one realises what guilt can do to you, as a soulful entity and also as an escapist illusion of how things are not in their right places though they very particularly are.

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The Kite Runner highlights these very strands of emotion gullibilities and paints an enigmatic and subtle vividness of how life mistreats you and attempts to take you down in the times of the non-luminous flickers, and how resilience and an umpteenth sense of faith is what it takes to get up.

Set in the tumultuous phase of the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, a young boy from the plush lanes of Kabul finds himself torn between the guilt of having to witness terrible things happen to his best friend, who happens to be his Hazara servant and not say anything, and surviving those tough times of the invasion which forced him and his single father to migrate to the United States.

After domains of time gaping and hollowing him down to minute feelings, Afghanistan beckons him to return.

And begins the pursuit of finding sanctity in order to satisfy what is the most sought after truth in the world- The path to redemption.

And as the Brilliant novelist, Khalid Hossain, who penned this story down into fluttering pages of ink-laden umber delight says,
‘ I believe this is where true redemption is, when guilt leads to good.’

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This story highlights how simple truths of life can be found even in simpler joys of something like catching a beaten kite.

I, personally believe that a book like the ‘Kite Runner’ should not be superseded by other worthy proponents in the ‘To read list’ of readers who would want to experience emotions and people coming alive in their thoughts with miraculous serenity. This one, here, is Highly Recommended.



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