Kips and Reed. Reed and Kips. Part VI

Knock knock. Hullo! Somebody Seen my kips? Knock knock.’
Reed stroke her hair like she used to do his.

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They were still there in the coffee shop, gaining ‘awws…’ ,Everytime kips mumbled as Reed gave the flustered look.

‘Okay, that’s my line, my way of waking you up. Don’t. But I liked the thing you were doing with my hair. Twirling it in your fingers. Naaicee!
Just to tell you, I had been awake all the time. Wanted to feel you. Now don’t let me get more naughty with my words. I can be pretty naughty. Wait, what am I saying. Do I sound fine?’ She whispered in his ears.

‘Okay! That escalated quickly. Yuppp. You sound naughty. You don’t sound fine. But I want you to speak as much as you can. That sweet voice hurts my ear as much as the Sweet luscious bite of strawberries. Go on. But first lets get out of here.

So, let’s go to the Central Park. It’s large enough to match our thoughts, I guess.’ Reed whispered as he gave Kips a sweet peck on her pinkish cheeks.

Central Park ( near the lake ) :
Under the bluish tint of the overhead symphony in the sky,
Two people, A young man and a young lady strolled in the Musk scented ambush of Green and Yellow.
With the ambience set, we have a pretty woman and a jolly good fellow.
Separated in childhood, these star-crossed lovers meet yet again, yet in the shades of the Chinar, yet looking into each other’s eyes.

Yet again.

And as they lay down on the moist imprints of the yellowish tinted grass,
Kips let her hair open as she lay staring at the beautiful specimen that lay with equally irrevocable eyes looking at her.
And as the starry affair,
swept through constellations that hung mid-air,
Maybe quietude was all that was needed to bridge in years of uncanny silences.

‘So, how’ve you been.’ Reed asked
‘In love with myself, as usual. Writing and stuff. Fantasising about you.’ She grinned naughtily.

There was a crackling chemistry that sizzled up the moisture laden inductive atmosphere of happiness.

‘ How come you’ve become so beautiful? Why did you leave when we were young so rushingly? Where did you go? Where do you live currently? As in first of all, do you have someone else in your life. Any boyfriend or something. Heck, I should have asked it properly. Any male/female companion/ friend with benefits/ friends with benefits?
Did you miss me? What’s the twirly thing you’ve done with your hair? I like that reddish tint in your eyes. Lenses? Beautiful they, beautiful you. Do I sound insane enough now or it’s just that you being near me gives me these erotically adrenaline rushes!” Reed completed.
She moved close to him. Closer and closer till their breaths matched on to the tuning of an unheard symphony and their lips admired each other’s luscious tint.
‘Come with me.’ She said as she pulled him away.
Holding each other’s fingers firmly they ran, like children, like they used to.

Reed and Kips. Kips and Reed.
‘So, how well do you know this city? Kips shouted in furore.
‘ I am just a simple time-fantasiser. I am yet to discover domains that remain undiscovered for one’s unaided. I have you. So show me the city that never sleeps.’ He shouted back.

As the roads strode in the heavily embedded mayhem of furore,
Hand in hand, Kips took Reed over times square to liberty Island seeking more.

With the unblushing lullabies of the purest delight rattling the eyes,
that stargazers swept the constellations with,
Did both of them walk along the high line, the most exquisite and romantic touchwood places you’d find in the city.

This starry affair went some top notches high as they looked each other into the eye,
Reed pulled Kips close, closer and closer till they could squeal out in delight,
Hand through her waist, and the other on her face, he pushed his face nearer, till the jasmine essence of her lips fumed in through him, and his lips conceded joy as they met with them.
An exuding sense of harmony and stillness occupied each moment, as if it was the first time the sun had risen in the west, and the earth paused its locomotive, just to rejoice at this appealingly indefinite blossoming love,
Reed could wager on what he saw when he closed his eyes,
It was like ambrosia and poison, stuck in the same vase, with ambrosia converting the latter drops into suckling eroticism,
And poison giving in with undying virtues,
They kissed for a while before they took some moment off to try to relive the moment again,
And they laughed.

Next morning, they woke up at Kips’ beautiful trove of what she called home and as the speckled Sun Rays Hit Kips on her forehead,
Reed looked at her again,
The black twirls of her hair floated aimlessly through the air and her henna-packed eyes had a sense of tranquility and her lips, an indelible sighting and all Reed could do was take back in her arms.


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