Underscoring Startups*

Book: How I braved Anu Aunty and co founded a million dollar company

Author: Varun Agarwal

About the Author:

Typical Bangalore Baniya. Awkward accent and weird goatee. Is bearable on your Facebook new feeds. Usually talks sense. Go ahead, Read the judgemental review below.

P.S. The book cover is hideously green. Like pretty pretty green. Book made with no sense of regard towards colour-blind people.


‘ I am not a writer, but a story teller.’

A witty one liner that catches upon your thoughts to tell you, how this is not just an typical Indian memoir of struggles and stereotypes. How it actually is a rare piece of refreshing light humour.

Perceptions conducive to contemporary youth, it reflects upon life and leaves behind subtle reminders of how entrepreneurship has hit the Indian turf right.  As rightly said, the time portrayed in this book is of a crude nascent stage of evolution of new age business models.

The novel reprises us of contemporary views of three generations, quite aloof to the expectations of the protagonist, Varun Agarwal, who hails from the bourgeois Marwari family in Bangalore.  It is a story of how disillusioned societal norms have a hand in having you played into decisions and forced to live someone else’s definition of logic and faith. Because Man is a social being, right?

We see space for a technocrat guy, who emerges out of the very competitive friend zoned world to get his girl of dreams. We have this friend waiting to twirl a crooked smile of his face just as he pulled up a crazy, societal defying antic. And last of all we have the typical Indian Aunty, who wants to go up her sleeve just to climb up the patriarchal societal creepiness of interfering in unknown lives.


Yet, our protagonist overcomes these uncommon situations into doing something worthwhile. Ya, probably founding a million dollar company. Pretty decent.

So, at last, I’d just say, if life’s busy throwing you up and down the staircase, you pick up this book just to dispel realistic gloom and get an inflow of optimistic vibes.
Because, this book deserves a chance to be read.


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