Only if I had gone out..

As the blueberry sundew trickled down the emboldening leaves,
As the sky, so everlastingly unreachable gives me the unknown feels,
And as In the notoriously over kept world do lights illuminate the scent of the diffused air over the oceans,
Do I realise how I ungiving I had been to the thousand splendid suns.

I could be anything,
I could be that laughter in that child’s heart, waiting to trouble her little brother,
Or I could be the scent of the delightful musk oils of the Istanbul
Bazaars for better.



I could be the wind beneath the unkempt shadowing flickering candle,
Or how about the air that could soothe out the tensions between two smothering oceans about to mishandle.

I could be the net that binds two lovers as tight as ever,
Or I could be a hungry war-torn mother’s tear.

I could be an opinion. A belief. An adventure. Or perhaps, a misadventure. I could be a skyline herder. An escapist. A fascist. An actor. Why not, an erotic wanderer. I could live. Laugh. Breathe. Smile. Create. Ideate. Inspire. Hug. Excel. Kiss. Be A part of unfathomable cosmic revelation. I could win. Be. Do. And love.

I could be so many things.
Only if I had gone out.

Iti Diaries


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