Such a day, I wrote a song for you..

(The text below bears minute resemblance with the song, ‘Song for you’ by Alexi Murdoch, an all time favourite)

As the scattered sun-rays augmented my will to live,
With splintered pieces of memories coalescing to paint faint imagery,
The wind touched my eyes,
To walk on the thresholds of minuscule grains of withered lies.

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And such a day, I wrote a song for you,
With strides of togetherness painting the sky blue.
Such a day, I wrote a song for you,
And somehow all our past seems new.
Such a day, I wrote a song for you,
And I don’t know where to start,
Maybe that’s a start.

Temporal variations synced in with the melancholy,
And leaving your hand untwined is a felony,
As my tongue tried to formulate words,
It’s strange that what my mind said, my heart didn’t hear.

As the sun painted the Ingenious sky amaranthine,
The beach air dripped of luscious tints of astute breaths of her and mine,
And as the air breezed through my lungs,
Injecting nostalgic moments of impact,
I felt a hand intertwining as my heart told my mind to adapt.

As you sprinkle sand on me and try to daze me off,
I recount how I run behind you, as you scoff,
The contours that your lips enkindle on that beautiful face,
Make both of us entangled into an endless maze.

While I continue to sheepishly stare at those kohl-lined spectral eyes,
An erratic spark erupts into a plethora of emotional abundance,
And as I bend forward to feel your pulse rise,
Your pupils dilate as I hear reprise along with sudden lows and highs.

With the sea dripping of faded azure,
And 80 feet below, while dolphins,
miles away try to make a connect through empathetic cues,
We stand in together wondering when our love grew.

And such a day, I wrote a song for you,
That is so hard to construe.


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