Hmm? *Long Pause* Hmm.

Hmm. This is going to be interesting to write. Hmm? Hmm.

A weirdly worded word (Hmm, This is the most natural alliteration I’ve ever connived). Human Psychology is affected by the most minute of happenings. Even a little shallow breathing or a pause in your already-affluent speech conveys a lot to the hard-hitting, former residents of the now-extinct Pangaea (Hmm? Humans! Hmmm.) So, temporarily, we could define ‘Hmm’ as a vocalized pause. With several thousand connotations in over hundred dialects, this localised piece of unrequited information, takes into cognisance the austere fundamental mechanics of non-linearity of the time frame and manages to store an awful lot of content, which is visually aided in surpassing the record previously set by ‘K’. Phew.


Not many people appreciate sound silence. And when you talk to someone, you’re interested in; the multiplicity of this word in your conversation often decides the success of a possible continual in the friendship to either a ‘relation’-ship or your entry into the realm of friendzoned-ville! Now, some literary enthusiasts dub this concoction as ‘ The universal interjection of a true philosophical and political thinker.’ Don’t get me started on that. Hmm?

The situation is pretty much like the fantastically scripted scene in the movie ‘The Dictator’, wherein the words Positive and Negative are annotated as ‘Aladeen’. So, if you go for an HIV test, you’ve a hard time figuring out, what HIV Aladeen means on your medical report. The same can be accounted for ‘Hmm’, because we never really understand what it hopes to convey and keep guessing. Ranking among the words most frequently used by the Texting population in the world, Hmm and its altered, long lost strangulated and flattened cousins; Hm and Hmmm, respectively,  aren’t often given scant thought. Despite verbose out-bursts; the awkward usage of the word being scrutinized today is infact, pretty much treated like a Moo-point. Like a cow’s opinion, doesn’t simply matter. (I’ll parcel you a sandwich, Joey, for having discredited you! Hmm?)

Having never been defined for us as children, It’s something remotely similar to Puberty. Seemingly, latched to our backs, sooner than we realized. Left out of even the fattest of all dictionaries, it is like the child who’s taken into the ball team last, as no one wants a wannabe. A wannabe is someone who has the potential to be someone, but simply lacks the qualification. ‘Hmm’ here fits in. Intently understanding the mordant, yet defunct logic of interpreting ‘Hmm’ , what comes into notice is the idea that, addition of a ‘m’ to this word increases the intensity of thought. Prolong your statement with ample mmms, and you’ve convinced a person about how deeply you’re thinking about the subject they proposed, when you’re actually developing tactics to squat the fly hovering near your ear. Pitching Hmm in a high baritone is interpreted as your nod to a supposedly good idea.Again, supposedly.

So, what is this eccentric word(chuckles), and where did it come from? Although the roots are elusive, it exists in many languages. Anatoly Liberman, a linguist at the University of Minnesota and an expert on word origins says “Possibly it could have spread from French to English… but you cannot trace it in any way as far as its distant history is concerned, because the word is so natural that it may have arisen at any time. Understanding its verbosity, The first h-sound is simply a substitute for breath, and the second m-sound, since the mouth is closed, is symbolic of the fact that we’re not quite sure what to say. The pause filler indicates that we’re temporarily speechless, but still engaged.” In other words, who knows? Even the Neanderthals might have tossed it around. Probably. Though it’s symbolic of, technically nothing! It’s just that the variety of tones we may take, add subtle meaning to the interlude.

It sounds so much like a neutral word. It’s easier to say than anything else, I’d say. Psychologically speaking, I could go on and on, on this topic. But I don’t want you guys to go all Hmming. So, let us all connive ourselves into letting out this thought in motion, that despite having read, such a large extract on virtually nothing, We’ll move on with our lives and our pretentious Hmms. Hmm?


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