Raking up Israel-Palestine again..

Israel builds ‘Trump’-ing Settlements in disputed Palestinian region, Consequences ahead;

Holding more than their capacity

As divisive as he sounds in his speeches, President Donald Trump, sure knows how to irk or instigate formerly pitted factions into narrowing their already attenuated relations. Within days of his swearing-in ceremony, Israeli Government took the reins of international relations and pressure into their hands after the shackles, which the Obama administration had bound them with, came down.

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A massive new building construction program of Jewish settlement homes was rolled into motion and brought to court in the contemporaneous Palestinian territories. Willing to express indifference towards international condemnation, officials from the Israeli government in a vaguely worded statement said that construction of new houses would take place in major settlement blocs in lieu to the territorial settlements mutually agreed upon in former peace negotiations. But it is widely speculated that a good amount of constructions are intended to take place in disputed regions, including Beit El.

Against International Pressure

This announcement by the Israeli Government in the West Bank which mainly comprises of regions of East Jerusalem and a sizeable section of the western Dead Sea shore, is a blatant rebuff to United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 2334. The resolution that was approved unanimously (with US abstaining, comes as no surprise!) sought action ‘to reverse the negative trends on the grounds that are imperilling the two-state solution’. It explicitly stated “the establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law.” Approval of 566 new housing units in East Jerusalem that had faced certain inhibitions from Obama administration, served as the first blow for a subsequent planned build-up. What was discerning to notice was, the issue escalated to the current predicament post speculations of the Trump administration’s proposal to shift the US embassy from Tel Aviv to capital Jerusalem.

Naftali Bannett, Education minister of the Jewish Home party advocated the party’s views to suggest the continuance of actions, authenticated by a bill passed in the parliament that allows annexation of Maaleh Adumin, a populous settlement near East Jerusalem. Dashing possible Palestinian independence hopes, announcements on settlement plans were a very well devised tactic used as a diversion to avoid voting on the proposed legislation as of now.

Consequences that beg to hurt


With appropriate concerns arising from the above situation, spokesperson of Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas was quoted as saying “The decision will hinder any attempt to restore security and stability; it will reinforce extremism and terrorism and will place obstacles in the path of any effort to start a peace process that will lead to security and peace.” Several state members of the Palestine Liberation Organisation castigated these decisions and blamed Israel of taking undue advantage of the new and more radical American administration to achieve its ulterior objectives and disrupt present relations between the two states.

For now, future consequences in sizeable proportion are in the hands of the Trump administration and the Knesset, the Israeli Legislative Assembly. The question is, if Israel is willing continue on its existential path to international isolation along with US as its sole external companion, or will consider giving peace another chance.


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