संस्थिति: An Island that Persisted, Majuli

An Ode to the Pearl of Sunderbans

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Introducendis : Ms Chanandler Bong

This will be the inaugural part of the ‘Letter to’ Series in my blog which will be unique in its own way. These letters will be emotionally compelling and will truly amount to how much these people have impacted my life. Starting, from The King of Thanksgiving. Dear Chandler Muriel Bing Obviously, this letter cannot…

The Winds have Changed : Plausible GoT theories on plate

*Plug in Rains of Castemere*
Includes heavy spoilers, so reader discretion advised. Presenting to you, “The Winds have Changed : Plausible GoT theories on plate”.
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Music for the hopeless mind : Part I

A Mid-Exam pour-out of moroseness as the right music strives to win you back. Do give it a read as you’ll find shuffling your playlist in between, in memory of the songs that mean the most to you.