Music for the hopeless mind : Part I

Writing is a very refined output of procrastination. The scariest moment is just before you decide to sit and pen things down. You question whether the essence of what you think, might drip on paper lucidly, or not. With my final semester exams on, thinking about writing seems like a tedious job. With your mind in a whirlwind of emotions that resonate in empty halls, there comes a saturation level. You feel like leaving everything and simply running back home. Back home, where there’s gajar ka halwa and appropriately stuffed aloo paranthas. Back home, when your siblings have literally bored themselves to death and are waiting for the next wrestling bout, they are going to engage in and lose, of course. Back home, when your mother beams with all love that can ever be mustered, and waiting with her arms open. Simply writing all this, quite lead to a rapid upheaval in thoughts as my longing for home increased.


Coming to the more contemporaneous times, quite often, music has often been equated to emoted poetry through notes. As John Green once said, “Some people have lives; some have music.”

During exam preparations, I have often found myself staring at the books for too long. There is a dragging moroseness that eventually leads me to finding my earphones and plugging in some ecstasy. Solitude doesn’t feel as lonely as it seems like and there is a slight smile that etches on the side of your lips. Waiting to widen its projected surface area, that smile brings you in terms with everything that, reality isn’t. Music becomes a peaceful healer, as these testing times bring about your wavering personality changes. With everyone having different tastes in music, calmness and frenzy somehow do not end up being oxymorons and instead unite to create a nice feeling. Displaying a segment of my taste in music that has helped me through these tough times, and will hopefully not be replaced as a bygone;

  1. Interstellar Tribute- Indian Jam Project:


A classical infusion of Indian and western, this soulful rendition takes you through a nostalgic overview of how life has been so far. Percussion accompanied by beautiful flute melodies brings life to the otherwise subtle song. It produces a concoction which is deeply emotive and transcends gaps of doubt and self-belief. Do give it a hear as you’ll end up falling for this piece, faster than you’ll realise.


    2. Perfume Genius- Normal Song 

download (2)

Whether you want to take the title ironically or straight, “Normal Song” basically redefines what “normal” means as the writer embraces the marginalized characters that he tells about. To a simple lazy strum, the lyricist tries to “comfort the girl” and “comfort the man” alike, teaching them from the lessons of his own struggles that “No secret / No matter how nasty / Can poison your voice / Or keep you from joy”. Very emotive meanings interspersed with a light tuning to it, makes this song an ideal patronus charm(to ward away dementor-like thoughts, so as to say).


   3. Lamhe Guzar Gaye (Piku)

Composed by Anupam Mishra, this song blends nostalgia and memories to coalesce to a giant bubble of happiness and uncertainty. Your only fear, is to not let the bubble burst. As I interpret it, life is a meaningful trail. Moments from your life pass by and with them accompany known faces and yet we still continue on un-treaded paths. Reminiscing the past and laying foundations for the future through the essence of dreams is what essentially constitutes the core. Here are some of the beautiful lyrics;

‘Lamhe guzar gaye
Chehre badal gaye
Hum thhe anjaani raahon mein
Pal mein rula diya
Pal mein hansa ke phir
Reh gaye hum bhi raahon mein’

Khwabon se raste sajaane to do
Yaadon ko dil mein basaane to do


4. Ikk Kudi – Udta Punjab


One of the subtler forms of Punjabi music, this soulful rendition aims right to your heart. This song mainly expresses the emptiness that echoes from shallow thoughts in life. Using allusion as a poetic device, love is referred to as a girl and all its attributes are then describes as a character portrait of a girl. The brilliant vocals along with the nice tinge of emotive poetry bodes really well. Look at the lyrics and you’ll understand yourself.

Ikk kudi jihda naam mohabbat,
Gum hai, gum hai, gum hai.

A girl whose name is love,
is missing, is missing, is missing,

Oh saad muradi sohni phaabat,
Gum hai, gum hai, gum hai,

Simple wisher, beautiful looking,
is missing, is missing, is missing.

Ho surat osdi pariyaan wargi,
Sirat di oh mariyam lagdi.

Her looks are like that of fairies,
Her nature is like that of Mariam.

Hasdi hai taan phul jharhde ne,
Turdi hai taan gazal hai lagdi,

When she laughs, the flowers fall,
When she walks, she looks like a gazal.

Lamm salammi saru de kadh di haye,
Umar aje hai marke agg di,
Par naina di gal samajhdi.

She is tall like the saru tree,
But her age is hardly like that of fire,
But she can understand the talks of eyes.

Ik kudi jida naam mohabbat,
Ghum hai, ghum hai, ghum hai,
Ho saad muraadi sohni phaabat,
Gum hai, gum hai, gum hai.

A girl whose name is love,
is missing, is missing, is missing,
Simple wisher, beautiful looking,
is missing, is missing, is missing.


5) Phir Le aaya Dil – Arijit Singh

Purity and tranquility drip into an infusion of calmness and eloquent admiration for the melodious voice of this gifted singer, brings us to terms with reality. Hunter Thompson once said, “Music has always been a matter of Energy to me, a question of Fuel. Sentimental people call it Inspiration, but what they really mean is Fuel. I have always needed Fuel. I am a serious consumer. On some nights I still believe that a car with the gas needle on empty can run about fifty more miles if you have the right music very loud on the radio.” This song just fits in directly into the loop of this statement. My fuel, essentially.

There are countless other songs that I can add to this list, but that would be too much for one day (That too, with a Computer Programming exam coming up this Monday). Keep checking the blog as the next few blog posts, will be about Sufism mainly explaining songs like Kun Faya Kun and its intrinsic meaning along with other soulful renditions. 

Post your song preferences in the comments, if possible so that we could over-compensate our spare time with them.


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