The Nameplate.

It was strange, being here again after so long. Despite how long we’d been away, we still remembered everything about the place; the pink hibiscuses planted in the front yard, the soft tinkling of the wind chimes that reminded us of the summer afternoons. The crimson paint had faded since we had last seen it, but we still recognised it.

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Behind the Beautiful Forevers

What I once treasured, is now a memory, a shadow lingering in the depths of my mind. It’s a strange thing to lose something which you once had, like a limb torn from your body, without getting a chance to save it.
We must always welcome the end of all things. For sometimes, knowing nothing lasts forever, is the only way we can learn to fall in love with all the moments and all the people that are meant to take our breath away. We are all birds trapped inside an invisible cage. Some of us discover our wings, while others search forever for the needless key.

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